The Edge


I’m weak.

Just the thought of you

Can make me lose focus,

And my thoughts wander

To the sexy parts of my mind.


I want you.

I would spend every minute with you

In bed if we could.

I want to taste your name

As you pull it from my lips.


Touch me.

Kiss me.

Love me like no one else has.

I need you to make me feel

Things I’ve never felt before.


Run your hands through my hair.

Pull me closer.

Kiss me like you need me

More than oxygen.

Say my name.


Kiss me in places

I’ve never been kissed before.

Touch me in ways

I’ve only dreamt of.

Bring me to the edge.


Take control of my body.

Run your fingertips all over me.

Touch me in all the right ways.

Make me catch my breath.

Push me over the edge.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/13/17

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