I don't think he realizes

The changes he made

That helped me realize

True lovers masquerade

I've never been in a relationship

With someone I could see

Instead of some online dating

He was actually with me

I'm gonna miss his soft skin

His cute little mustache hairs

How his eyes would watch mine close

While we're kissing in the theater chairs

I'm gonna miss

How when I'm walking

He grabs my hand gently

In the middle of our talking

I'm gonna miss

The long nights we shared

Watching different movies

Or telling each other how much we cared

I'm gonna miss

Knowing he's watching me

While I'm doing nothing special

But he sits there so happily

I'm gonna miss

How his arms wrap around

My waist when we're kissing

Or picking me up off the ground

I'm gonna miss

When we lay in bed

How comfortable it is

There's not a single worry in my head

I'm gonna miss

How he puts me to sleep

By gently rubbing my head

Or on my arm as I'm asleep

What I'm really gonna miss

Is his voice whispering so sweet

"You're beautiful. You're beautiful"

When I'm lying with him he'd repeat

I don't think I am

But he was intent on letting me know

That he saw me as a model

At the top of the beauty show

Inspired by: / Dedicated to: Keith Marshal Hixenbaugh

Created on:  July 4, 2006 - 07:36

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