Remember the little moments

Every chance you might take granted

Because they all add up

And a decision is planted

I should've taken more time

To realize what I've done

What he's done for me

Now we're no longer as one

When I realized the times

Of the little things to me

I began to add them up

Then finally I could see

Because of the little things

I didn't take seriously

We're no longer together

He won't admit the reason to me

He says none of it was bad

I shouldn't be sorry at all

To just move on with my life

Go on like I have standing tall

All I have now

Are the moments I relish

The times I took for granted

I wish to have back to embellish

But they are now gone

I should've appreciated them more

Now I live with the regret and sorrow

Of not loving him to the my most before

Inspired by: / Dedicated to: Keith Marshal Hixenbaugh

Created on: July 5, 2006 ��� 01:23

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