Breaking up

Is hard to do

But the worst thing

Is getting through

It's not during

That is hard to get by

It's the after math of it all

That always make us cry

It may be difficult

Your souls opposing

And it's difficult the most

As your time is closing

Even if it's mutual

The pain is still great

Because someone wanted it first

This never has balanced weight

Someone looses interest

That feeling grows

While they keep it hidden

The other one really knows

They can see their spouse

Drifting further away

Unsure why at first

And they end up too astray

It comes to that confrontation

Of questions in the mix

Has the other been cheating?

Or some other horrid transfix

Relationships come and go

Hurt feelings yield to other chances

No matter how harsh the previous

We don't give up in the romances

It may take a while

With even the worst closure

Someone is out there

There will always be the final composure

Breaking up

Maybe the hardest to do

Things happen for a reason

We can make it through

Inspired by: Keith Marshal Hixenbaugh

Created on:  July 1, 2006 ��� 07:40

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