Never to Fly

Never to Fly



A gift bestowed to few Naturally.

Only to those who can touch the sky,

guided by destiny to soar with bravery and gusto.

The angels of reality: The simple Bird.

This ability most divine and beautiful is something that isn't learned,

but rather known.

From the moment the shell is shattered and

a new creation is welcomed to the world,

the unquestionable thirst for flight is already the predominant goal.

Out of an instinctual drive

and never in the search of the profound.

Through watching these messengers of absolute brilliance;

Man could learn.

That the search for the reason can be a drug most addictive.

That this need for explanation,

this unattested desire for purpose;

May be man's greatest asset.

Or is it?

As being the only species with sentience, Humans have deemed that

Life must be something more.

“Creation must have been part of some grand plan.” they say!.

Frantically and feverishly seeking the beginning of the miracle

Never seeing it simply as one.

Misery, War, Death, and Pain.

All byproducts of the noble search for the truth.

Never living in the flight but rather in the hatching.

The animal that does not see it as one,

but acts the most ferocious.

Are they truly intelligent?

Or is that what makes them idiotic.

Monsters most foul as these could take a page from the ever expansive novel

of Nature.

They could aspire to be similar to these creatures they deem simple.

They could be of the fowl rather than creatures most foul.

Doing something so beautiful, defying the heavens

and landing gracefully without a second thought.

To do something wonderful without having to question how it occurred.

That reasoning shouldn't define what you do,

or be the guiding force for what you do.

Instead– live like all of the mother's creatures,

with pride, instinct, distinction, beauty, and if for nothing else.

Live for nothing at all.





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