Hard Times

Hard Times.

Lisa was your typical mother who love to watch romance and detectives series, was the housekeeper and took his child to the park every morning to play with the neighbours. However, since a few months ago, she started to notice that her marriage was not going well; fights started to be more frequently, their intimacy had stopped completely, even the amount of kisses given were less. She thought about divorce but she was still in-loved with her husband, she was very optimistic, and she could not left her son without father, until one day she started to notice something weird. Her husband started to arrive more lately than usual; he started to dress up more nicely to work, started to shave more frequently and even he started to do some exercise. At the beginning she thought he was passing through a phase or something, but things were getting weirder for her, she knew he was up to something and not exactly in a good way.

One day she had to go to her mother’s house because she was not feeling well. She told to her husband that she was going to be away with her son the whole weekend to take care of her mother, to which he did not had any problem because he was going to be out of town as well, so she proceed to pack up some clothes and went to the bus station. One day had passed and her mother was completely healthy, to which she started to insist to Lisa to go home and take care of her family; she did not want at the beginning but she ended up been convinced by her mother. She forgot to call her husband to tell him that she was going to be at home sooner than expected but she never thought this was going to be so crucial for her.

When she arrived at home she notice something weird, her husband’s car was park at the garage, maybe he also forgot to tell her that he arrived sooner as well. She noticed that the handle was unlocked and when she entered to the house, she did not see her husband at the couch as usual. She went to the kitchen and saw a bottle of red wine and two almost empty glasses; her heart started to beat fast, she was getting anxious. She left his son at the living room couch and went upstairs to see if her husband was at home, just to find her bedroom’s door barely closed and when she peek inside the room she saw her husband and another woman having sex the in the bed. She quickly went downstairs, grabbed her son, and went outside of the house to go the park of the neighbourhood. More than sad, she was angry, she knew eventually this was going to happen but she was blind by her optimistic and her love to her husband, but it was not going to ended up like that, not to the woman who fight to save her marriage. She and her son slept in the park, open to the dangers of the night.

Two days after her husband received a letter to his office:

Dear Congressman,

We have your son and wife

Of course, we do not want to hurt them, but if you do not agree to our demands, we will be forced to take action. If we do not receive $600,000 in unmarked dollar bills by next Friday night, you will never see them in one piece again. Instead, we will send them back to you, bit by bit, until the money is procured.

We will call you at exactly 12pm on Friday and set up a drop location.

Do not contact the authorities, or we will kill them.

Do not try to find us, or we will kill them.

Do not tell anyone, or we will kill them.

You will hear from us soon. –Mr. X



The man was speechless; he never thought something this serious was going to happen to him in any time soon. He quickly picked up the phone, made some calls to the banks, and left the building in a hurry. He ran pass through a hooded person who was outside the building. The hooded person went inside a cab and was welcomed by the voice of a child saying: “Mommy, where are we going?”

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