It Stings

old shit

It stings within my mind

Reasons,Cant seem to find

Escape this cage,Once called home

Explode this bitter rage,In my heart alone

Lonely crevasses,Of lifeless motion

Pain slowly taken,Forming an ocean

Vessals of an aching heart,Bleeding nonstop

Waiting for it's chance,To drop

It stings within my mind

Feelings close behind

Depths of the soul,Falling to the ground

Hatred,Will surround

Wounds of love,Not able to heal

Everything wrong,Starts to reveal

It stings within my mind

Different world,Entwined

Hurts,Pain saken sorrow

Ready to swallow

Cells of the brain,Beat on and on

Fire,Shines up,Upon

It all fades,When it all stings

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