Guns OR Grace



Guns OR Grace

I'm asking for some space
Can we step back 
for just a moment
Before we 
Finger to trigger
There's no turning back
Take them away
Please take them away 
So our children can play
And be free to be wild 
Like you
And I 
Were one day
There are so many ways to heal broken hearts
To mend visions of broken dreams
To teach others
To feel
Not with their heads
But with their hearts
Shattered promises -
We shatter too
But we can reconnect with peace
If we reach out and choose to 
It's been said that...
We can bomb the world into pieces
But we can't bomb the world into peace
Where do we draw the line
In the sand at our feet
And step over and say
Let's retreat
True strength comes in silence
True grit lies 
     with the silent warrior
Who can watch and stand firm
In the essence of peace
Not in the deconstruction of war
Peace peace peace
Let there be peace
Guns OR grace
Can we have a little space?????
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Ben - thank you very much for

Ben - thank you very much for sharing your words and your thoughts.  I just sat down to study a bit more before bed.  I will read your work as soon as I finish this eve.  I agree with you.  I actually wrote this today in a 5 minute study break.  I don't own a television and found myself in an office this morning with the television on the news and the shooting being televised.  So very sad.  While I was studying, the words just tumbled out.  

We have to be that light!  Thank you again for sharing and I will def read WAR ZONE 

Peace and health
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No doubt, people admire and prefer graciousness to destruction.  Even yesterday, CNN kept on showing the attack on US Naval HQ where a dozen people lost their lives.  So sad! Though people opt for peace, don't know how people take to arms and resort to killing!  So bad!  This should stop, then the world will become a better and safer place for our children and grandchildren to live peacefully.  Let us hope for the best.  Timely selection of the right topic I suppose! Well said! It's grace and peace that people go for.  If you find time, remember to read my poem 'WAR ZONE' (Plight of people on Earth).