He cackles when you're in shackles


Coyote is a trixter

A backwards clown
He'll do anything
To see you frown
But don't think he is bad
Though he is rough and tough
He's teaching you a lesson
Just listen to his laugh 
He will come around
To show you all your fears
He'll bring you to a place of terror
Just to see your tears
The tears he brings will cleanse you
Be sure to let them out
Then find a way to join him
When you hear his family howl
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I liked the first 3 stanzas

I liked the first 3 stanzas very much but I hope you don't mind me saying that the last stanza felt a little rushed. 


"I have become a second generation cosmic being, I am conceived in the womb of nature, in my own mind... In the womb of the universe."

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Thank you

I don't mind. In fact, I appreciate the critique. You are right, it was indeed rushed. It said something else and I wasn't happy with it Then 'rushed' This alternative. I'll have to contemplate a better ending.

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