Dare To Reach

(A Success Story of a Friend)

From the land unknown a poor name comes;

Poverty surrounds and hardships abound.

A family in the remotest county humbly lives

With a forefather’s only inheritance supplants;

A tiny piece of hopeless block to the anointed hands it lands.

A woman’s dream beyond the realm of her territorial bliss;

Far from it, the agonies of life in her conscience imprints.

While a man sits in his corner like a lazy simpleton’s swing

Least he could care and bother, let alone decide and think

What awaits in the future for his dozen progenies embrace.

The vision of self-actualisation is born to a girl so frail;

Who knows what is to explore in the horizon yonder.

Brain she has, boldness her asset, adventure is in her blood;

A blessing from her forefather’s inheritance, her mother trades;

She sets foot to a jungle of temptations; ambition is her only vest.

Her kin of wealth with so much to waste no one meets success.

That in her throat a probing challenge to conquer; one day she will.

Poverty is not a hindrance in this girl’s dream, glory she dares to attain.

Sweating out in books the classroom provides; making day night

And night into day, she reaps a reward, a crown of her academic mad race.

Knowledge is power, education is growth and wisdom makes the difference;

Is all she banks in her journey with compassion, passion, she graces to face.

Her exceptional character, talent and ability she prides in her achievements:

Faith, communication, confidence are her sharpened tools to wage

Winning a humbling success, her heart desires to reach and dare to share.

That tiny piece of hopeless block, is a land from her forefather’s hands.

To them it lands and now is supplanted in multitudes they grow and grow.

This girl herself, humiliated by her green foes, is now a self-proclaimed;

Never a reluctant victor in the land of adventure, she rises in prosperity.

Like the famous Luther she has an impossible dream; she indeed dares to reach!

@LC Dancel 3/3/2006

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~ determination and perseverance go a long way to attain success ~

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Kris McConnachie's picture

Love the language in this piece, very elegant and intelligently written.
The story itself is very inspiring and you capture that inspiration so well. Like you said, "determination and perseverance go a long way to attain success."