To My Eternal Home

When death drew near to me in bed

An angel in white dazzling robe came to me

He gently held me by his hands, and

Bid me to come for my time has come:

He took me to a home far away.

Before we reached the place of rest,

We ascended long narrow steps in heavenly peace,

When on high, we fluttered in the air as

We surveyed the vast wondrous sky, then

I looked down the ground with a heave of sigh.

Above the pillars of dense clouds, we sat.

We watched in the open pale blue space

My life on earth rolled back on a screen of memory

In random flashed; I realized how time went fast,

When from flesh, I returned to dust.

On the day I was born, my mother mourned,

Alone, unaided for she was left so forlorn;

Her dear husband died in a heroic war.

Never to go back to his precious wife who waited in vain,

The little bundle in her arms she nursed: silently in pain.

My poor mother was brave, raising me up all alone.

Strong and courageous in all facets of trials, she bore.

Her faith was astounding in her stunning feat she rejoiced.

Trusting everything to God the Almighty, she implored, as

She thrust the condemning lonely, fearful years to success.

The screen went off as I wiped my tears away.

My guardian angel stood by and watched the stars shone.

They were angels in throng, standing by the gate.

The heavenly place where they laid me to rest

Was a place of peace and glory: my eternal home.

@greenmeadow, 7 May 2007

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~In dedication to Uncle Ron���s demise, Sister Joan���s hubby.~

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wolfangel87's picture

Very well written, I really enjoyed reading it!

John Foster's picture

Beautiful dedication to a loved one now flown away. Excellent composition and word images.