Our Love Capsule

The love we have

Is a true story to tell;

Unknown to the stars;

No moonbeam could hide.

The smile silently speaks;

Of what affection can feel;

Between you and me;

Our souls have long ago met.

You were raised from the north;

Though I live in the south;

I was born from the east;

You dwell in the west.

We are torn apart;

By the waves of the seven seas;

What about the mountains?

That divide the rugged terrains?

Will storm and thunder;

Put us asunder?

Leave it to the Rock of Ages;

His intervention will prevail.

How the time gives us freedom;

To follow and listen to our heart;

They keep beating from the start;

Since the day we were born.

The capsule of love never ceases;

To capture the gravity of our passion;

We are entranced by its glory;

Each moment is a joy; forever will be.


2nd August 2006

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~endless love to the one I adore ~

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