Obsession or Infatuation

my feeling is profound barely inescapable,

i cant dare imagine if my actions are reasonable.

all i know is im caught in this undescribable affection,

an act of obession or just an infatuation.

my whole being is affected i dont even know why,

all i thought of is you,when will it evr subside.

i know not what to do,when all i wanted is you,

please help me understand when i dont even have a clue.

i thought i could handle,i thought it was just a crush,

but when im lookin' at you i have this mixture of love and lust.

i never intend,never wanted to be this way,

please do forgive me,my heart is to blame.

an act of obession or just an infatuation,

i just cant seem to figure out these profound emotion.

been caught up by this but its just the way my heart speaks,

i love you so much! can you tell me how to deal with this SHIT!

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