I Do Wonder?

I do wonder.

Did your heart ever stop roaming?
Did you ever find a true love?

Its been so long ago, I do ponder.

Did you ever give love a chance?
Did your mind ever find that one to dance?
Though I do not know why you come to mind.

And truly I do not know.

I still wonder.

I still ponder.

What has ever become of you?

Did you ever find a love to give a chance?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Its an enigma to me why this person comes to mind. They never do until I start writing. What is that?

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That is interesting... does

That is interesting... does that mean you always write about this person?

really liked the read.

I found true love, but he was already taken. :\

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So sorry. I am just now

So sorry. I am just now finding this post. I write about my husband. But yes. its true. It seems my mind drifts back to this person. Not sure why> i guess its just a memory thats stuck. Odd thing is..he never comes to mind until I start writing. Oh well I guess it will work its way out of my mind someday.