Shadows Never Tell

Shadows Never Tell



You approach me from the shadows.

You dont know me anymore.

You've been gone so long.

You live on a distant shore.


We crossed paths so long ago.

In the not so distant past you came to me.

As always your face you didnt show.

I suspect, on that distant shore you still must be.


My favorite flower, from the land of your home.

I sometimes wonder how you are.

Does your heart still roam?

I remember you said we look at the same stars.


I am sure you have babies, the grand ones.

Ones from your children they would be.

I do too, I have a few.

Little boys; I have three.


Our hair is grey now.

Although you never wore hair at all.

Still I know you would be gray now.

I can see you, beaming with pride, standing tall!


I wonder has health and wealth become a friend.

And if so, was it fleeing, or did it come to stay?

If you ever think of me; maybe now and then.

Come on down, come down my way.


A kiss on the cheek.

A smile for old times.

I miss your heart so tender and meek.

While you hated my rhymes.


But come my friend; come see me again.

Even if its in the shadows.

To hear your heart, in your words, would be my gain.

If you are well is really all I want to know.


Sending kindness, and care from the heart.

Wishing you well.

Just wondering what ever happened to our start.

But, shadows never tell.





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Thank You :)

Thank You so much for stopping to read, and for your thoughts! :)

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this was wonderful to read!

this was wonderful to read! thank you for sharing your talent.



...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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Thank You :)

Thank you for stopping to read. I am glad you liked it. :)

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Thank You

I am new here so I dont know why I'm not seeing the comment on my poem but thank you to the person that left their thoughts. Iwas notifid thru my email that someone had commented. The reason for the word "shadows" is b/c this was a person that was met online but never in person. Thank you again for ur thoughts.

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Comment on the poem 'Shadows never tell'


I suppose, what you  have said is true as shadows never speak but follow us silently from behind.   Yet, at times they keep going in front of us too.  Nevertheless, they originate from us.  Your poem sounds well and your hope of meeting that particular person is sure to occur on that beautiful but distant shore! Its's like, 'Dreams of yesterday; Realities of today and Hopes of tomorrow!'