in my chair.
at your stare
that melts away my carbon
into light and air.


A sweet, sweet catharsis
in which to indulge.
And oh! How alarming
the way you fashion
my scattered vernacular
into eloquence.


It is my passion
to be rearranged
at your whim
into relevant parts
in an elegant whole.


Splash my sentiments
onto a canvas
and outline, in broad strokes,
all my madness.


Unfold my coiled noise
into syllables
side by side:
these lyrical cries
that, without your hand,
would clumsily escape
as garbled excuses
for words…



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Oh Snap! Wow! BRAVO! YES!

Just read everybody! This needs no fanfare it is in all it's glory here!

Brilliant to the higher echelons!
Congratulations SS

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