I whisper these words with assurance


A pang arrives -
unclear, yet
certainly foretelling
and malevolent.


the air dampens;

scatter their letters
to avoid the coming rain.


And I consider myself
the trend setter
of such timely torrents
when the land has dried
to stability.

So I should be no more
by my abhorrent fortune
this time around,
after having found it.



A story in hibernation
will be awakened
into recurrence.
Yet I whisper these words
with assurance
that they will never be heard



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Jessica R.'s picture

Someone's feeling poetic today? This is my favorite of the three. I love the way you can integrate rhyming so subtly. This form, I think, is your signature.

I hope this piece isn't too autobiographical e.g. "the trend setter of such timely torrents", and I especially hope I haven't roused any past emotions.

But this is very good. You haven't lost your touch.