borrow the night

It was great to see you again,

what with after all these years

and goddamn,

you were looking amazing,

which is why I'll probably call you


and we can

borrow the night

for a while.

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Haha. I forgot about this one. I was so mad when I read it because I was not at all ready to let you go. As much as I used and abused you, it was so hard for me to move on because deep down I knew what I had in you: a genuine friend that never stopped caring about me and let your feelings for something beyond a platonic relationship get in the way sometimes because maybe you hadn't yet moved on in a romantic sense either. I could never blame you for what happened in the year after we broke up. You were just trying to do what you thought I wanted and maybe you wanted to. It was all my fault. I see that now.