There You Are

I want to lose myself,


in your stream of consciousness.

As one,

harmonies emit

in time


why, together

we speak in rhyme.

Flood out

over riverbanks of existence

my contradictions

and I will settle

into better


For it all started

a bit skewed.

Long ago,

we climbed our way

out of a lake

to be greeted

with soiled hands.

Yet every now and then

it rains

and I am cleansed

a little deeper

of this land.

Dare I think

you are in food

or plastic party cups of booze?

A bodily way to understand

the consequences

of our actions

on your plan?

It’d be funny

to envision you

in form of paper money,


just what we spend you on.

It’s almost chilling

to consider

the musings I have littered across

this page

are manifestations

of what

you’d say

for me to deliver…

Light and dark condensed

into a ball:

We are only sunspots

in your burn

afraid to deny the shiver

of cold hard proof.

Well, the air may be invisible

But I breathe it to stay alive

and sense the wind

upon my face

to evoke the tears

that faith provides.

Every tree, then, is an ear

and every fruit

a prayer answered.

And withered twigs

are just a cancer

waiting for your cure…

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Athalia Lystra's picture

If you exchange every "you" for an "I" and every "I" for "you" it works out in every way...

just read it again with that in mind :)