Trading Spaces


What if I told you

our souls have been streamlined

into the same dreamline

and we could only

revert to ways of the vulture

whose culture defines

a first-come, first-attack


Must we fire systematically

and competitively

at each other?

Must we fight for lovers' attention?

It's ugly to conceive

but I do believe

that selfish retention of

external focus

will blind us away from each other.

I put myself in your shoes

and it hurt.

But I cried for you:

I felt your spirit thin

and fed it a blessing.

Now I love you

in all your deviled skin

and hardened soul.

Your cardiovascular rock

sheds dust

on your godly health.

And how it fizzles

as your cave crumbles around me

to entomb me in stone.

But for all it means,

I'll die with a chisel in hand

trying to reach your

truest home...

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