Shapeshifting Journal

Dear Friend,

A part of today

Has reached its end


So I'm just gonna write

Until you get here.

In about an hour or so

You will shower me

With your wisdom

And I'll just listen

Trying to follow

Your walk.

If your best advice

Is to lead me away

From myself,

So be it.

Tomorrow will bleed me away

Into wine glasses

And stowed away to mature.

Disconnect the dots

And I now sit

In a school parking lot;

A meter expired

Begging for coins.

Heh. I just saw an old buddy pass.

We waved each other down

But he continued to class.

He had another friend he was walking with

And probably figured it'd be awkward,

The three of us

Linked one way through a middle man.

It was better he didn't



Shapeshift through

A moment in time's events.

I guess

Breathing is a perpetual work in progress,

Just like trees

Shedding old leaves

To try and get it right

Next August.

Maybe I'm magnifying the cynical.

Who knows?

There's a girl feeding ducks

Crowded around her ankles

And just maybe she's discovered the secret

To smiles.

Hey, if she's selling

I'm buying

Or trying, at least

To believe

We're all destined for flying.

But the crying game has already begun

And exploded the sun

Into hot playing pieces of a million degrees:

Some Fahrenheit,

Some unfair in height.

But all scorch to the touch

With ease...

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Nice word play. =)