Mellow Cello

I've seen Meaning melt

Under the candle-glow

Of what I dealt,

Whilst her wax stood firm

And wick burned

Throughout the unfair profundity

Of nightfall...

I hear dinner bells

In the pitch black

Of my inner hell...

And I know

Through irregular chimes,

That human hands

No longer burden the weight

Of ringing them this time.

It is probably just a wind

Of irreversible sin

Scraping oxygen to metal...

A gust of Absence

'Cross a fruitless meadow.

I believe

It will settle

Like dust on leaf petals.


Blocking the sun.

And I will stay the walking perpetration

Of a lie

Holding guns

To trees

In all directions

As litter collects at my feet

In mounds

Where music was once


A cello now rests on the ground

Picking up

Only bird shit

And ambient sound...

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