Downpour of Her

I saw her stare

on the drive to work

in the morning glare of the sun.

Like last night,

it was above me

and wet with heat;

how the sheets squirmed

under her bright blush

and at the right touch of my hand:

that fingertip brush

across her canvas.

Entangled in a blanket

of her own whimpers,

I could swear I never witnessed

a more beautiful vulnerability.

And for a moment

the world was pristine,

the galaxies in sync with the heavens,

stillness awash in song:

         "Come back to me, baby

         'cause waiting just aches too much

          like the gap between rhymes.

          And I can't tell if I'm falling in love

          but it's sure as hell

          falling on me like a downpour,

          and I'm soaking in

          what I'm thankful is mine."

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This is my favorite poem ever. :) One I've also memorized. You were crazy to believe you could ever love me. Absolutely out your mind. Just so you know lol

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Perfect in every way. You've outdone yourself again. Plus you get bonus points for the subject matter.