Coughing Up a Lung

Needle pins

Sharpened by

Selfish blades.

I've cut myself too deep

this time...

And with the blood

Comes pouring

Traces of what you were once


I soaked in your sunshine

And let it warm me to madness

If for a moment.

Now I wish my skin to melt

So you can see

The inner essence

Of the things I've always felt.

Coughing up

on my mistakes.

And wondering

How I allowed

Droplets to revert to lakes.

And now I drown for you

Beneath the sound so blue,

but I can hear a bubbly voice

beneath the rubble

and still it says,

          "Beauty is my name."

I hear you...

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allie's picture

after reading through useless crap,
i found your poem, i was impressed.

Sheneen Young's picture

Wow, I love this poem! So much feeling! If only the guy I loved could care this much... Such beautiful emotion.

Samantha Kraus's picture

Wow... this is amazing.
Keep up the great work.