The Past and a Path

In this tear

Lies the dew of a past

I cannot conceal.

As it streams down my cheek

No doubt reflecting

The future

You may or may not


Wish to build with me.

I cry no songs of regret.

I replant no foot I've already set

But instead tread forward.

Your hand in mine.

And leave my decisions

Distant footprints

In the sands of time.

Always there

But kind of faded

As we progress.

Until all we can see

Is the grand scheme of the Sun.

And we run to horizons


   "Our path will be warm."

At least until

Blackness falls

   "Our path will be cold."

And the breeze of the moon

Leaves a chill in our bones

But yet... still provides enough glow

To keep the shadow of our doubts

At bay...

At least we know,

   "Our path will always be lit."

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Anthony Velloza's picture

this is an excellent poem! i am going through the phases of regret but this reminds me that the future is always bright and we must strive to make it better than the past.
-Anthony Velloza