Bubble Bath

Ease into the foam

That we will soon call home.

Tonight we are

Sex personified...

Tub water running.

Bubbles building.

She sits down

While I

Park myself behind her


Her skin.

Reaching around,

Rubbing soap about her chest

With hands of slippery sin.

Tracing bubbled paths

Down her sides

While one hand

Slides between my thighs

To lubricate

My hardened cries...

Pressed up against her

From behind.

Hungry palms

Slide around

To her stomach

Tasting every inch of heat

Tonight has drawn from it.

Two hands

Disappear beneath the bubbled rubble

And reach for

Inner thighs.

Pulled lightly.

Spread slightly.

I begin my journey

To finger trace

Every sigh.

Dip into her honied hive.

She moans and slides

Her sap of sex

Around me.


While bubbled bath sheets

Begin to boil.


And finger cooking

In her soil.

Oil and skin

Harmonize to elicit

Her trebled moans within

While bass clefs

Form in my stomach

And pound in my chest.

Within moments

The air indulges

In those vocal chords that caress

When all her breaths

Become undressed

Before me.

And the final bubble pops

Inside her

Sending frantic sreams

Of rushing creams

While I guide her shuddering hips

Into a bath of dreams...

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hmm... I think I hear the water running.