Three Seconds

If you could give me 3 seconds of your time

I'd likely split them up.

Stretch each out

Across a canvas

Just to sketch you out

For an unending moment.

Spread oil around in color swirls.

And dip into the amber mud

Of all your love.

Scrape tender azure

With my fingertip.

And feel all the ways you fashion yourself sky-pure.

Maybe sink brush

Into the dewy green

Of your eyes

That cry -

Shades of a rainforest gone by.

Dare I taste

The mustard paint

Of your soul?

Darkened sunshine

Soaked in evening riverflows.

While shadows grow

And incandescent Summer glows

Ebb away -

Swallowed by nightshade.

Now I can see my palette

Awash in lambent pearl

As moonlight

Comes through in crescent streams -

The definition

Of your virgin essence.

If I could capture all this

In 3 seconds

Within your presence,

My eyes would swell

And satisfied, I would conjure

A full breath.

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