Back in the Day

I wish I could travel back

In Time.

To those dirt road forks.

And take the other side

To discover

What it would have been worth.

But all my second-guessing

Won't fling me


So I'll just

Hike the path ahead of me.

And trip

Past freshest stones

And suffer newest rock slides...

Because truth be told

The hour hand

Rests its palm on our backs

Pushing us on.

Telling us all,

In the end youth is gone.

And all that's left

Is a fleeting song -

A hazy chorus

You can recall

In general.

So let us not

Kick and crawl


Attempting to tear

The fabric of time

To recapture

A thread of manic rhyme we whispered

Into lovers' young ears.

Time treads forth,

Raking the sky with ice

In one direction.

And making our current actions

Memories frozen

In a matter of moments

As clocks turn gears...

And as I crane my neck around

To take a step in reverse,

I feel a transparent wall.

And I lay my hands on it

Staring at all the finished verse

On the other side of it all...

And so these words

Become dated as they're freshly traced out

On a window pane.

And all I can do

Is look out through the glass

To see the winds of Eternity

Wipe them clean

And make me pen


So lovers,

Place these minutes on each other's lips.

And imprint them

With a timeless kiss...

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Maria Davies's picture

this is one of the best poems I have read on this site. You used imagery so well to convey time and the sense of it fading and never being able to return. I especially enhoyed the part about slipping over fresh stones and waiting for new rock slides... keep it up I'm looking forward to more.

Allison Kaylor's picture

Alex- You have an amazing talent.. your use of rhyme scheme flows beautifully. Most rhyming poems come off as childish or not seriously written because of the need to rhyme each line... but you have created a brilliant poem that flows with rhyme included. I applaud you and look forward to reading the rest of your works

Take Care