A blaring sun.

A falling leaf

That tumbles down

Onto greater heaps.

And upsets the balance

'Til all the rainbow colors

Scatter 'cross the grass

Like paint palettes

Melting over your hand.

A wad of cash.

A green sash

Thrown about

A dresser.

A half-emptied

Vodka glass.

With lipstick smeared...

A colored sigh.

A throbbing thigh.

A honey-coated lie

Tangled in a bedsheet

Under ripe and moaning moons.

A little room.

A little light.

A little fun tonight...

A dewy morn...

A dampened blade of grass

Where you slip on your regrets.

A sticky, hazy memory

Of nights past.

A setting sun.

An apricot sky


By tangerine horizons.

A shining youth gone by.

A salty tear.

A sugared melody

All pocketed in

A plaid photo book.

A high-school sweetheart's letter

In a closet shoebox

With all your distant memories.

A wide-ruled sheet.

A pen.

A fading thought.

A passing rhyme


To its end.

A solid oak

Grandfather clock.

A rusty bell.

A tick.

A tock.

A golden Amberbock

Sits lonesome top the table there


Your rocking chair...

A trembling hand.

An almost-finished glass.

Drink up, my friend.

Today may be your last...

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