For What It's Worth...

It hurts... It hurts

To be ungrateful.

So for what it's worth

You've overcome the stars

And soared right past the angels

While the world just...

Tries to stop the things you really are.

And for what it's worth

You've stayed so faithful to your heart.

Your vision.

Your smarts.

Your soul.

And all the ways they pump out sunshine

On those days so cold.

And how it paints you out to be what I love:







And filled with thoughts of acid rain at times...

When you can't sketch a single cloud

Of where you're going

With your rhyme...

But I see the future's silver dawn

Melt out over horizons.

And spread across the ground.

Unfolding all our stories

And washing all these worries clean.



Glimmering sterling shines

Of what we mean.

Imagine that...

Our very words enwrapped in liquid steel.

And hardening to points

Where they will know no damage.

And just simply be

What they will be

Before they vanish.

And we can capture them


Brush off the remaning dust.

And cast a simple gaze

Upon its sparkling glaze.

Yes... for what it's worth

You keep me clean amazed

At the resplendence contained

Within the birth

Of every sentence.

And for what it's worth

I'd talk this earth to death

Just to invigorate a spec

Within these minds

Of all the ways your inward shine

Reflects right back out through your eyes.

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Creat's picture

This poem was worth it. I've had to re-read it a few times.