I think I know how this meteor started:

Someone flicked an unlit cigarrette

Up to the Sun.

And when it got close enough

The heated air combusted around it

Until a vast flame

Would surround it.

Now, lit by space

It started its descent back down

To the Earth's face.

And larger and larger the blaze grew...

What started as a spec -

A gleam in our eyes,

Was hurriedly becoming

A massive medicine ball

Burning, beaming... down from the skies.

And though we all held our breath

In fear.

For a fleeting moment

We stood in awe

At the inevitably near.

Awe turned wicked realization

As we figured out

What became of the cigarrette we hurled

Hopefully out of this world...

And we curled up in bunches.

The elderly,

Some of us,

And children who didn't even know

What the time of the month is

Or what working up until lunch is...

All... All... subject to our filth.

In the midst of our own pollution -

All the lies we lunged with spineless thoughts

Up to the sky...

And somehow I knew it would be too late

When we finally realized that gravity

Always took its place -

So now, what becomes of the blind eye we turned

On the shit we had thrown into space?

Darkness falling upon us

And what could we do

But repent out of fear

That the end times were finally on us.

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