First and Ten

No card tricks involved.

No hidden aces.

And no, I can't pull a bunny

Out of a million hats.

But I think it's funny

That still

We can make magic

In our own ways...

Like I could never

Pull out metaphors

From the air

The way I do

When I think about

Your stare...

And how it's just like

Every newest breath of freshest air.

So how is it you fuel

These parallels

And verses ever tragic?

Guess if I could answer it

It wouldn't much be magic

Now would it?

And yes, I am afraid

That just a touch

Could send so many images

In a frantic rush

On through my brain

That I may be quite overwhelmed

And never pen the same...

And yes, I am afraid

That just a kiss

Could make me miss

Tomorrow's game

For staying in my Sunday bed

A little longer

Just to let the thoughts remain

And linger

Til they become stronger

And drive me back to sleepy dreams

Of first-and-ten

At our own twenty.

And then I'd see the endless green

Laid out in front.

And know we'd cover every yard

We catch inside our pupil gleams...

No punts


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how sweet...