I Think You Will...


I think you will...

I think you will...

Taste the sweetness


On your tongue tip

Before it spills

Onto mine.

That one kiss

That can paint

Colors that aren't even defined.

Like 'Cherry Lips'

Or 'Shades of Divine'.

So let our lips part now

And share with me the taste

Within the words you tongue

Around my ears

And disassemble

With your untangling words

All of my residing fears...

No pressure...

Just wait a second.


All the lifetimes you have given me

Just to complete a thought.

And wait it out.

No pressure

Just wait a moment.

Let this everlasting pleasure

Stick around until we've joined our hopes

Through just a kiss -

That ever craving treasure...

I think you will...

I think you will...

Soon agree with me

When I say

Our blood does mingle

Giving birth to dormant veins

With just a tingle

Of the droplet

Circling my heart's vicinity.

And yes

I think you will

Agree with me

When I say

That like a timeline taken to infinity,

Our potential

Knows no measures...

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Jade's picture

Great job Alex, very heart touching ^_^