Rambling Fool


These waterfalls of mistakes

Pour down into lakes of regrets.

And I drown

Beneath the bubble sounds.

So far down until my ears pop.

And all the pressure builds around my body

Forcing me into implosion

Within oceans of should-haves

Divided amongst this world

Through intangible quotients.

Do we say what we mean?

And if so, does it label us base and obscene?

Do we hide

Behind planets of lies

And get lost

In space and the stream of shooting stars?

That trail we've blended into so long

We know not who we are...

Who approaches me without a plan?

Who reproaches me without some ruse

To gain an upper hand?

Who gets close to me

In hopes to attract someone else?

Who is real?

Who can say all the things that they feel

Come from depths unconcealed?

Who can fuck with the truth

And emerge unscathed?

Who can set their soul ablaze?

Burn out their horrific ghosts

And face them outright?

And who is a fucking coward like me

And revels in it?

Take a shower inside your darkest hour and see

This world is a cause

And you're no fucking rebel in it.

And so I'll take a deepest breath of rain

Let it collect

And bleed it out my eyes.

Overflowing respect for these feelings -

Let them all out

Into a cup.

Buy her a drink.

Mix it up.

And let your lust and fears mingle...

Yeah, this one is dedicated to

Fucking no one.

My little note -

All mine.

So shitty.

So divine.

So nitty gritty.

So fine.

These cheap little fucking lines.

My substitute for a real filler...

And there's two people in this world

I want to talk to right now -

Me and the ground.

You know, one day I'll bury these words in the dirt

So you can walk above them

And forget what they're worth...


On a different note,

Has your chest ever caved?

And lost weight like those dangling middle lines

In an epic poem?

Somewhere you started strong

With those potent metaphors growing.

But by page ten

You had talked yourself to death.

Which is funny, 'cause if you're still reading

My theory's disproved.

I am... I am...

Some rambling fool...

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