Share this life

And pour it in a plastic cup.

Sip the moments out

One by one...

Piece by piece...

Let every droplet deconstruct our memories.

Like the time I ran a finger through that hair crease

And wrapped about seventeen strands

Around my lonely hand...

Sip... Sip... and wet your lips just one more second...

Share this time.

Tuck it neat away inside a cabinet

And let the drawer display an open crack

For when we're on our backs

Gazing from our beds out to the lonely sky

While wishing all these hours would just pass us by.

Yeah... Let each eternal second

Slip between the tiny drawer space

And fly around our rooms

To stare us in the face.

Bide the time and watch it loom.

And throw what's in me sore

Into a pan of mix.

Cook it... Let it cool off to a crisp.

Set a fluffy chunk upon your guiding buds.

Chew it through this love

And show me all the ways that we exist.

Take my plastic metaphors

And melt them into molten quotes

That form like wax

Around your cinnamon scented candle.

And burn it through the night

So all my feelings may dismantle

At your light.

Now take a walk outside

And throw around this yarn of mine

Until it's rolled itself to death.

And see if it can reach me...

I think it will...

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anjonai evans's picture

This poem is extrememly sexy and makes me want to read a lot more of your work. I like the fact that you use all 5 senses. BEAUTIUL!!