Rubber Bands and Ice Shards



A trembling shelf.

You're mounting

Useless weight

Upon yourself.

But soon

The cards you've dealt the world

Will come back to your hand.

And before you try to understand

What they once meant

You'll snap...

Like a rubber band of chaos

Stretched beyond its will

To self contain

Its own existence.

A bubble of stacked insecurities

Will pop.

And your frozen thoughts

Will crumble into ice.

Shards spread across the floor

Of your rooted fears, lies...

The personas you've created

For those precious eyes

Thrown about the tile

For all to see...

All those secret skins

Covered in cloths of deception.

Of sin...

Of perplexion...

God, doesn't it burn

When you can't even discern

Your own guise?


I lie...

I stand before you

With these lines that seem to just abhor you.

But really I adore you.

You're much too clean.

I'm shifting all the filth, obscene

To you.

So I can see

The blackness that I breathe --

The smoke within a charcoal heart.

The reasons I am bleeding out my feelings

In the dark.

When curtains fall around the stage

And I can come to terms

With all the words that made me.

Crafting up a monologue

That just may save me

If I finally come clean...

If I finally...

Take the time to be...

The wonder that your eyes have shined in me.

The blood... the tears...

The aching... the pleasure... the fears... the treasures...

The years

That untold measures have quelled...

The cluttered words

That stumble through my lips

When I try to spell

The world within --



Reluctant saliva

Extinguishes the fire

In my throat...

And in minutes,

The words I spoke

Are as obsolete

As your previous breath --

Striving only for the next


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Heather Ewoldsen White's picture

This is good and I like it. Rubber bands and ice never stop the urges.