Lyrical Demise

Am I easy to read?

And does that make it easy to seem

That all of my writings are base and obscene?

Or should I drown you in ten letter blurbs

And abstract linkage

Through a cho-ppy word?

Perplexing Protrusions

of Mental Pollution.

Brain cells Disillusioned

Make Fornication with my Mouth's Creations.

Procrastinatingly Impatient with Painstaking Vocabulary Fusion.

Metaphormulas for vacant conclusions

Litter the Somber Avenues

and my Cobblestone Bones:

Trekked upon never more

In Lieu of Fixations on Asphalt.

This Emptiness and Bereavement as a Repercussion of my Wicked Faults.

Inadvertent Thoughts

Relinquish Affliction upon my Fantasia of Fiction.

Fakest Diction of Mine.

Disintegration into Innate Verbal Wars and Lines.

Ephemerally Gambling on Amusing Sounds and nothing more.

Cheap Rhyme Whore Designed to Bide the Time

Disinclined to Weightier Scores.


I'm not like you... I stumble... Fumble...

With these mammoth thoughts that crumble into rubble at my grip...

I'd best avoid trouble and stick to humble mumbles

Within my space-saver word bubbles.

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Edwin Robinette's picture

Way to go Alex! I, for one, like to keep it simple! If I get a headache from reading or have to get a dictionary for every other word, I just go on to the next poem! That makes poetry so boring! Anyway.....good write!!