Dear Friend

Your tolerance for death

Is amazing.

I didn't know

Til I saw it.

     I pictured

     Your body

     In graveyards

     Of broken glass

     And empty cans

     And pizza slices thrown about

     Like random pieces of life.

     I pray to bring the pie together

     One night.

And I'm not talking down to you

For I've many

The poisons had.

But I fear

The next might be your last

At this rate, anyway...

You should've heard your girlfriend scream

Through tears

At me

For you,

For her,

For Him.

To leave it all.

Not break it

On a whim.

And I'm not

Too idealistic


Or even the source

Of truth and reason.

But I don't ask

For you to gauge

My lies.

Only my love

This time around

Before it dies..

Dear friend,

I'm writing you this letter

In hopes that your god

Will agree

And make this better

To a sufficient degree.

     There's two signature lines

     At the bottom.

     One for you and one for me.

     Put the bottle down

     And grab the pen now


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McKenzie Holcomb's picture

Truly frikkin amazing...I loved your poem. Great writer.