Volcanic craters envelop the reasons I hate her.

Deep in the pits...

That hole that burns to a thousand and shits something molten and pure

Will one day burn the icy azure that she carries around like disease.

The one that had bound me right down to my elbows and knees.

Lava-Soul... Smite now her stare... if you please...

If honesty is but a blessing

Then why am I cursed with this guessing

Of what will not leave all my hearts in a hearse

While I disperse like missiles and cannons

The truth in my verse -

In my song...

That goes on and on

At times in reverse

And fades into dissonant streams of shooting stars -

Out there in space.

They travel for eons

While leaving a blazen blue trace

That nothing can touch and no one can see.

Burning for itself

And learning nothing else but yearning to be witnessed.

Crash now, my solemn meteor.

It's been too long

Since chunky and strong

You started singing in Mars

And left every nebula ringing;

Passed through the Jupiter stars

In wonder of what you were bringing to where and for who.

Leaving eroded pieces of yourself here and there in the blue.

Approaching galaxy edges now in pebble form while nobody stares.

You've burned out... Man, that was hard to swallow right there...

Just let all your ashes then crumble onto the nearest planet top...

Blend in with the disintegrated grass where all the lava stops.

Volcanic mountains envelop the reasons I love her.

And all of the ways that I reach out to smother her soul

With my absence.

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RainerBukowski's picture

This is a very beautiful piece. Some sort of declaration. Love the metaphors.

Ian Stalter's picture

like it alot