Love... The Math Problem


Our love is a math problem.

If we divide our faction.

We're left with only fractions

And mixed number reactions.

If we subtract

All that we lack

We've severed ourselves no longer intact.

And if we add

Something we wish to have

We upset the ratio so... so bad.

So then I ask why

Not multiply

Our cries?

And find our lowest common pride.

And simplify

Our lives

Into groups of maybe five.

Well if we do

We'll shrink to a basic size

That will surely find our demise.

So do we take off the bracket

You wear for a jacket

And group our like terms?

No, no... it will burn

To infinity

To put so many clashing expressions

In one vicinity.

Oh well... this problem seems much too dense for me...

Oh hell... we'd best stay inside our parentheses...

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HEe HoE's picture

You should subtract your life... that would multiply my joy!!!