Just Desserts

back up

against canvas of the wall.

her sweat paints

rubbing passion

as my tongue crawls


to unfasten

her breath, trapped.

i remember...

she stood over me

with open palms

to the wall behind her

in blistered aching...

i was to

find my way inside her

and dart between the fleshly opening

to water cave...

soon i'd find her

eyes closed

with whispering lips of vinyl -

her body spun

liquid tunes

across my needle tip.

squirming curves

bent around

chalkboard sounds.

her fingernails

raking off

house paint

as colors

harvested in her gut


through vibrant mound.

she could see

why, starved for a meal

i'd fallen to my knees..

yet she was the one at

the quivering mercy

of my empty plate...

pouring sauce

unto porcelain tongue...

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Michael Downey's picture

Most stuff on this site sucks.
Yours isn't bad. I'll go so far to say it's good.