Systematic Static


A manic friend.

A static thought.

I've dressed you up.

Bought you this and that

To and fro.

Fought you

For a piece of your static snow.

A chance to tap into your system.

Sink your circuitry into my netted veins.

Share your virus. Delete your pain.

Shut you down at night.

Boot us up into a flight of code.

Executing love lines at rebooting prompts.

Taking tiny bytes of your electric hair

And soaring with your arial wants.

Redefine your basic drive, and lay you on the desktop.

Planting kisses.

Sharing physics.

Stable system.

Sinking, after whiles of unblinking mega-smiles turning sour.

Thinking... what it'd be like if we crashed -

Scrambled every memory through some systematic whiplash.

Fluctuating power.

Glitches that devour

Every hour spent on stabilizing circuit towers.

Blast a hole through our collective brain

And send an error to our life.

Instill a runtime terror on our static love.

Send our system into inexplicable forbidden zones.

And partake in the structure-lacking Chaos.

Worry not about the payoff:

Does this mammoth failure

Reconstruct for us a newer flavor

We may breathe and function?

- Rebirth through destruction -

Or may this crash, at last

Eradicate all that we savor

Through a cleansing gash?

- Annihilation of the past -

Pristine System.

Sweat with me these static drops.

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disappear_here's picture

For some reason this really reminded me of Placebo, I don't know why...

Anyways, great job, it's definitely a unique piece, I really liked it. Congrats, doll.