Back Seat


Light of moon

Creeps in through a darkened tint.

Illuminates your dripping lips and down.

Beams in extra magic through the tiny pane and wraps you all around.

Outlines every frown within these doors

And shows us so precisely where to put our hands, our feet, our face

Inside this cramped up little space.

And soon we find ourselves this blind

To anything peripheral.

Casting off every external visual

To focus on our skin whilst we engage in sin:

Every visceral cry

That makes you wish this car would stretch into an ocean

To accomodate the never ending motion of our wave.

So wet with every sweat gland pouting for a breath and clouding any reason that is left today.

And so I say... Relinquish unto me your fears... every chasm you conceal.

And bring orgasm to the wheel.

Steer your juices onto every piece of cloth that's not yet drenched with sweat.

Clear your mind and taint your heart along this back seat ever wet.

And cling to me, my static soul.

Let every charge push forth the rocking motion of the tire soles

Against the ground.  Smoke the burning rubber onto pavement.

Melt the sounds of every thing outside this car

Through rearrangement of the mist that clouds us from the things around

Our cheap abyss in this containment.

Paint the fog that sticks onto the window walls

As only you can do.

And bring me ecstasy inside this night so blue

As you kick off your shoes onto the back seat floor...

Spread your thighs a little more

And find a home inside these little sweaty doors we always knew...

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