Effortless Etching

Standing in your shade

Makes me feel like I'm two steps from Saturday.

A mystique so universal I heard Saturn say,

"How your beauty cascades

Around me like the broken sunlight

And all of its rays."

And I wish to capture the aura

That pours like a flood

And put it on canvas

Posing you in all your possible stances.

Effortlessly etching it with drops of our blood.

Oh I am no painter

But I do have a fine appreciation

For the things that are fainter.

That shimmering light

That escapes your thinly drawn lips during conversation

And wraps me so tight...

Reminds me of just how I felt that night...

Standing alone in my heart's subway station

Watching in anticipation

For that train so right...

Here I stand

In the nothingness of my abyss

Waiting for a strand

Of your hair that I might have missed...

Waiting for the sand

To warm my feet to a crisp...

Waiting for someone

Who doesn't exist...

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Flow is good in this one....very good.