Touching Herself


In your guise around the thousand daily eyes.

Putting on the standard show

For those who wish to know what lies beneath your soul.

Redirecting their attention to your skin

And not the safe you hold within.

But when you lay dormant to the world

And all the lights from every stare have been shut down

Is when you finally come around

And let the quintessence of your senses unfurl.

Yes... now you're all alone

To do the things you do that no one else can know.

To touch yourself in ways that leave your breath amazed

By how you corner every aspect of your mortal maze with seamless flow.

Who has seen this go on?

Who has watched you put this show on?

No one... This is you... Your basic ghost and so on...

Only you know how you touch yourself

In ways that make the devil melt.

You settle for no less

For even he, with all his lust and rippling chest

Could never score a million on your test

As only you can do...

Tracing fingers to that part of you so new with each revisit.

Brings the heart of you to bliss as you elicit

Sighs... Your truest cries... How could you miss it?

Drifting into ecstasy under your softest bedsheet.

Laying naked and alone...

Covered only by the echo of your moans...

Wandering into your astral zone

Where every epidermal fence you've grown is shattered

Leaving you so lone and all but prone to thoughts from here to Saturn.

Locked inside now, safe and sound,

For any slightest brush can magnify to seem the world profound

And leave you broken...

Hoping... in despair

That you may soon be strong and firm enough to share your precious token...

The thoughts that until now you've been withholding..

All those treasured words just dying to be spoken...

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Oh Alex,
"How you managed to keep me awake, completing the fantasies underneath the sheets."
That's all there is to say!