Liquid Curves

Liqud curves

Approach me with only pure seduction in mind.

With only ways to show me the true function of her thighs.

Liquid curves

Trace sex trails 'round her body world

And stop dead center.

Subtle slit... dripping with the devil.

Slightly severed by the farthest reaches of my tongue tip.

Saturating every lung with every tasty breath that crawls in through my lips.

Soft vertical motion through her tightest line

Brings her skin to swallow through absorption

Every tickle my tongue trickles up the ocean in her thighs with sweet devotion.

Liquid curves

Now surround my face.

Melt around me in a firm embrace

As I taste every juice-whisper escaping her with grace.

Buds surrounded by the molten lake

She keeps inside

That burns to Five Million degrees from every fear she hides

When I first gloss my lips

With every droplet that I sip

From her seemingly endless liquid curves.

When I can feel the hands that clutch my hair grow tighter.

Eyes that roll back to the moon when I'm inside her.

Liquid curves that splash onto my tongue

When all that I have done

Is made her come... into a heaven now undone.

Into the final chorus that she sung

About our song.

How when I placed my lips

Where they don't belong.

Liquid curves... Drown me on and on.

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Regina Ford's picture

i liked this poem alot... it was good...i like the way you wrote it and how it's a metaphor-- the liquid curve parts