Oceanic ripples

Resonate with sound

And fill the night air

With a scent so profound.

A calm air so light

Yet heavy the same.

Ensnared by the motion

Made clear by the waves.

Thick aura so sweet

Makes this night a dream.

An endless horizon

Of things it can mean.

Halfway in the water

That seems all too cold.

Reluctant to move

Beyond and be bold.

But easing in slowly

It seems to subside.

The freezing surroundings

Just vanish and die.

A body so light

Becomes just a ship.

Riding all the waves

Swaying with the drift.

The body once cold

Adapts to the sea

And blends in its heat

To merge and be free.

Sheets of blue water

Carry me back

Front and around

I see the sweet black.

Watching the waves

Ascend to their top

And shatter so strong

When hit by the rocks.

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Stella Of the Moondance's picture

I like the imagery that you used. The ocean is a wonderful place. Every time I go there I think of poems and songs to write. It is a glorious source of inspiration.