And all the Day I Saw Grey...

You pointed at the leaves
In their descent.
And claimed the lovely green
Carried the freshest autumn scent.
And as I tried to take a breath
Of all the beauty that was left...
I couldn't figure out just what you meant.


You know that little sunset
In the night?
The one you say can blind you
When the shade swallows the light?
I have seen it by myself
The touches heard and echoes felt
Were to my soul as grounded as a broken kite.


Then I felt with my eyes
And for once no disguise...
As the warmth of my cries
Poured like death from the skies.
And I tasted the heavens
Through my tears ill advised
As the red in my eyes
Colored mountains of roses.
The breaks in my sighs
Shuddered rocks like explosives
And all of the time
All I could do was hold this...


This solemn chime
The melodic kind
That rings in your ear
Like a song so divine.
And quells all your fears
For a moment in time.


And like the ocean
I felt the unending motion
Of a dying wave.
Such unknown devotion
It displays
As its crest begins to fade.
This is me
The sweetest potion
On your lips
Made for absorption
Through a sip
And then it's gone...


This intense euphoric meeting
Between me and all my feelings
Like a passing thought was fleeting
As the night turns into day
I can smell the traces of
The colors bleeding
As they start receding
Into shades of grey...


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Still...I love this one...