Cosmic Stumble

Does the universe conspire
against or with
a man's desires?
Or at all?
Is Purpose explanation
or justification?


See what you will see,
but a man once told me
reason exists in seasons:
only as present
as necessitated.


He walked, languidly, with a cane,
amidst fast-orbiting planets,
watching Destiny
derive shape from Madness,
day after day.
And in summation, came to say,


          "All things can be
          cosmically explained
          to origination,
          but that only proves the existence
          of vivid imaginations."


          "We never truly advance.
          Just suspend our disbelief
          that meaning is chance
          wrapped in convenience."


          "Stumbles costumed
          as an offbeat dance."


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This poem is excellent, and

This poem is excellent, and the last three stanzas, as they conclude it, are brilliant!!!


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