Let You Down


V 1 I know for certain,

I can’t deny it

I have let you down.

V 2 I have fooled you,

and I have fooled myself

But I don’t want to let you down

Bridge -Words can be spoken,

but only actions can prove their truth

I just want you to see my worth

So I can no longer let you down

Chorus - Look inside and you’ll find me

Spiriling downward,

But have no fear, I’m okay

there you will find me

V3 :Take control here

Don’t let me falter anymore

I can’t let myself let you down

V4: Can you promise me something,

To always be there

Even when I let you down.

Bridge:Honestly you have a choice

I hope you choose the one to stay with me

I will try my hardest,

Not to let you down

Chorus: Look inside and you’ll find me

Spiriling downward

But have no fear I am okay,

There you’ll find me

Ending: I know for certain,

And I cannot deny it

There will be times when I let you down

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Afzal Shauq's picture

sure beautiful people make other fool..I agree with your idea you did here...well done and pretty good and accpetable idea and subject